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It is impossible to provide legal services in 21st century without considering globalization factors. Legal analysis of globalization issues plays a special role in every business since all events in the world are interrelated.


Representatives of the “Big Four” countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China) remain the main customers of our legal office.

  It takes much time to reach success in business. Normally success is based on long- term mutually beneficial cooperation between companies.  

It is now possible to gain practical experience in our legal office for law students. Please submit your resumes electronically.

The new video describing our services has been released.

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We have recently updated our company’s website.


Welcome to our company’s official web site!

The main goal of our company is to provide legal services in Europe for individual customers and legal entities.

A unique location of our office, on the crossroads between the West and East (Riga, Latvia, EU member since 2004) gives an opportunity to serve the business interests of many countries doing business with Europe. Legal services have become the most desirable services for businesses society nowadays. For this reason,we specialize on providing comprehensive legal support to entities from all over Europe. We are able to assist in all matters related to business starting from company registration, visa and residence permit issues, preparation of contracts, representation in courts and state authorities etc. Legal services provided on individual basis with a consideration of client wishes and needs. Services ordered from our company by our clients help them to save both time and money in continuously developing global world.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Europe a comfortable, quite place for your life and business

Adaptation of the business to meet EU standards

Practical recommendations on business development in Europe. Implementation of the existing European business standards and requirements.

Residence permits in Europe

Practical recommendations, consultations and assistance during the process of obtaining a business residence permit in Europe.

Living conditions in Eu countries

Assistance in property purchase  business premises rentals. Family issues support ( education of the family members,  their medical treatment etc.).



Business support in Europe

Complete legal support, constulting services and accountancy for your business in Europe.

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